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    Getting rid of the searchalot toolbar hijacker 


    searchalot image

    The searchalot toolbar virus is another bug thats come up recently in the search engines. Theres been a lot of noise about it hijacking peoples browsers.

    Search A lot toobar is a PUP, which means a potentially unwanted program, in malware speak. We want to give you a brief explanation on how to get rid of this program.

    Tr2 Villas security is here to provide you with the best virus, malware, security protection and help we can, at a moments notice, we believe the toolbar is a problem for most people and it is uninstalled by the majority of users who end up having it on their computers.

    Where did Searchalot Come from?

    Searchalot is software that is installed via payperclick distribution. Malware authors pay to have their programs sent out to many users by adding it onto the software that users actually desire on their computers.

    Most users don’t notice that when installing some software that they do want, other malware are added on with that right under their noses.

    What does Searchalot Do?

    Searchalot is a browser add on or extension that installs itself on the users computer, typically without their knowledge. You will wake up one day, turn on your computer and find out that all of the sudden your browser is showing you instead of your normal homepage.

    This software will redirect your homepage to, that’s why its considered a browser hijacker. It will typically also inject browser advertising into internet explorer, chrome or firefox whichever browser you are using.

    Get rid of it!

    To get rid of this malware you first have to uninstall the program from the ctrl panel menu in windows.
    For a brief explanation how to uninstall go here.

    Then you need to reset your browser settings for each of your browsers because when you installed it you also allowed it to make changes to your default browser settings, which is how it gets you and redirects you to its advertisements.

    To do this in Chrome, what we consider the most popular browser, you use the chrome menu button, go to settings, then manage search engines. From there you select google as the default search engine, instead of the A LOT search bar that is in there now.

    Similarly do the same with internet explorer or firefox and there you have it! Free from Search A LOT!


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    Remove Conaws

    The world has increasingly become dependent on the internet. The fact that people use their computers virtually for everything has made the internet not only the most useful thing today, but also the most dangerous place today.

    In as much as there are people who are dedicated to make our experience online safe, entertaining and informative, there also are people who take advantage of others by planting viruses and forging websites.

    They forge websites; meaning they will either be giving you false details or will be benefiting for someone else’s hard work. In other cases, you are enticed to download plugging that are not legitimate and may even be viruses!


    Well, most web browsers try their best to protect their users from these malicious infections. In an attempt to protect you, they bring pop ups from

    The intention behind these ad pop- ups is to warn you that the plug-in you are about to download is possibly dangerous or the webpage you are accessing is a forgery or that the page you are about to visit has been reported.

    By putting these ads, the web browser you are using protects you form these dangerous sites.

    How To Remove

    However, these ads can be quite annoying. Yes, they help and protect you but at times, they just don’t go away- especially when they are on your browser.

    Here are the steps to remove the ads: Remove or uninstall the software, website or plug in that is causing the ad to appear. Then, remove the adware pop up from your browser using the adwcleaner. This rather cleanses the browser by assuring it that you have removed the malware from your computer.

    After doing this, double check with hit man pro just to make sure that whatever was causing the pop up to appear is really gone. It also ensures that the pop up never appears on your computer again. makes the internet a safe place for you by ensuring that it notifies you of anything that is not legal. Nevertheless, do not just see the message and do nothing about it.

    There is no way around this. Once it pops up, find out what is making it appear the remove the ad pop up. It is either your remove the pop up or it will keep bugging you. When you remove the ad, your computer will always be clean and safe from malware and malicious software.


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    What You Need to Know About Adware 

    What is adware?


    Adware refers to software developed and embedded in another application and displays advertisements when the application connects to the internet. It is formed from the combination of the words advertisements and software and usually also refers to advertising supported software. Generally most advertising supported software are harmless but there are unscrupulous software vendors who develop theirs to be a malware.


    Why does it exist?


    An adware exists with the sole purpose of displaying advertisement from various platforms around the world in order to generate revenue for the developer. Advertising supported software are usually incorporated in some open source applications and freeware.

    As a user, when you click to download a freeware from any website, the adware is usually embedded into it therefore when installing it, it will also be installed too. The revenue generated by the embedded advertising supported software helps to encourage the developer to continue making it.

    The freeware also comes with terms and conditions which if you take a chance to read, you will be able to see a section that explains the adware and how it will be working. Removal or disabling of the advertising supported software will result in the malfunction of the freeware.


    What does the developer want?


    Freeware are free applications that may include games, productivity software’s or even VPN clients. Freeware are free for download therefore the developer does not earn any revenue. The developer embeds the adware in the freeware to enable them earn an income.

    These helps them to continue developing, upgrading and maintaining the freeware. Other developers usually embed malware in their freeware which infects a user’s computer when installed. Once a user connects to the internet, the malware will track all their web history, key logs and other information.

    The information will be sent back to the malicious developers who will sell it to the highest bidder or may decide to perform identity theft. The malware is usually developed to run in the background and utilizes your computer resources such as processor time and memory. The first sign that your computer is infected with several malware is its dwindling performance.

    In conclusion, adware refers to software that is embedded in freeware application and its purpose is to earn revenue for the developer. When the user connects to the internet, advertisements will display on the freeware and if the user disables the advertising supported software, it will malfunction and cease working.

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    Remove Desktop Vuupc Virus 

    computer virus

    James Here, Getting ready for christmas time and wanted to update the readers on a new threat I’ve been seeing around.

    Remote Desktop Access Vuupc is an adware program that can be extremely harmful to your computer. You can end up with this adware on your computer by visiting malicious websites, downloading freeware or downloading attachments from emails that you’re not familiar with. It can record your online and offline activities remotely via your PC and sends this information to hackers. Remote Desktop Access Vuupc is harmful due to it’s ability to make changes which can corrupt your PC’s resources resulting in constant crashing. It does this through deleting vital components on your hard drive. While removing the software can be difficult due to the fact that it doesn’t have a self installation function, it is possible to remove this malicious software before it does any serious damage to your information or your computer. Quick action is vital!

    Please see below for a guide on how to get rid of Remote Desktop Access Vuupc from your computer:
    To manually remove the adware experienced PC users can find all of the components of the toolbar and delete them one by one. Your browser will also need attention to ensure that all parts of the software has been deleted. If you are not an experienced user, using software that will scan your system instead are recommended such as Spyhunter.

    To remove it manually follow these steps:
    Step 1 – Open the task bar by pressing Ctrl, Del and Alt together and ending all processes that related to the adware.
    Step 2 – Once this opens all of the registry files relationed to the adware, delete all of them completely from your system.
    Step 3 – Do a manual search for any other files related to Remote Desktop Access VuuPC and delete them accordingly.

    Be sure to also reset any browsers that you use as well in case of the adware infection in those programs:

    Chrome – Open and close Chrome after finding the default file and renaming it to DefaultBackup here: C:\Users\”your username”\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\User Data
    Firefox – Go to the help menu and look at troubleshooting information and hit the reset Firefox button.
    IE – Go to the advanced settings and hit the reset Internet Explorer button. Then select Delete personal settings.
    Safari – Go to settings and hit reset Safari.

    Following these steps will ensure that your system is safe from Remote Desktop Access VuuPC

    Here’s a Video showing you to help you as well:


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    Cryptowall 2.0 Can it Be Stopped? 

    Cryptowall is far more than just another ordinary and common form of computer virus.

    If anything, it is defined as being malicious amid malicious, and this is not a good thing at all. What makes Cryptowall 2.0 so bad is very evident. It is known to many widely as being ransomware. It is indeed very difficult to stop it.

    However, this doesn’t mean it cannot be done, a person just has to keep on trying their best to hope they will be able to remove it successfully from their computer system.


    The objective of this awful virus is very clear. It was created to infect all forms of Windows operating systems. This means that it can infect every kind of operating system for Windows from Windows XP to Windows Vista to Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    No computer is safe from an outbreak of this very mean virus. Ransomeware was designed with two objectives in mind and these objectives were to promote a program called Cryptowall Decrypter which can return your files to their original state of not being decrypted for a price.

    The other objective is to destroy a computer system if the price is not paid for the program to clean it. This means that Cryptowall is nothing but a rogue virus with rogue intentions.



    How does one remove Cryptowall? The best way to remove this terrible virus is in a very careful and delicate way. It should only be done by someone who is making sure to get all of the removal instructions done correctly from the letter.

    Cryptowall virus was invented to try and steal money from computer users, by offering them a working solution, as far as the infecting virus did go. You either pay the money or never get control of your files back from its strong and encrypting hold that was bad. Nonetheless, people don’t have to resort to this measure, in order to get it off their computers. The best way to remove it is with software tools that are designed with Cryptowall removal in mind.

    This is because these software program tools are created specifically for the one objective that is Cryptowall virus removal from an infected operating system. These special Cryptowall virus removal tools can get the job done to overall.

    Take a look at malwarebytes antimalware, that is what I recommend for all around protection and it should go the distance when dealing with cryptowall 2.0.



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    Discount App Bloatware Removal 

    Welcome back folks!

    I’ve been a professional support technician for several years, and prior to that, I did a lot of sales of PC parts and accessories for both home and small business users. I am obsessive in nature to electronics and the various accessories available, and hardware engineering.

    remove discount app

    One of the major flaws I find in just about any new laptop, desktop, or otherwise ‘smart’ device, though, is that they’re often loaded with tons of software that is unnecessary and an attempt to gain sales of another nature. This software is typically referred to as ‘bloatware’. Another major issue is adware.

    This doesn’t usually come with the computer, but often is easily (and mistakenly) picked up by the user from a website later. Adware often comes along with pesky installations of otherwise credible software.

    If you’re a victim of these discount application adware programs lingering about, you may not even know it, but there are some signs that you can look for. If you’ve ever been searching the web, viewing social media, or even googling different topics, you may notice that there are pop-up ads either in new window browsers, or sometimes built right into the text you’re reading.

    If you’re reading this article, and are seeing certain key words underlined and provide you links to certain products, you may be the victim of some discount application adware. What happens with this adware, is that all of your traffic is sent to a third-party.

    This third party typically sells your browsing information for a profit, and you are then targeted with lots of forced advertisements relevant to what you may be searching for (but not always). Companies that deliver these ads to you are profiting on a per-view basis, or on a per-click basis. This is very profitable to those that are infecting your computer, but will slow your computer down over time.

    No worries, this software can always be removed, and usually quite easily.

    Discount App Removal


    The go-to way that’s easiest and works in most cases is to remove the unwanted program from your control panel. For most windows systems (the most common target of these attacks): Open windows (bottom left), click control panel, and then under the ‘programs’ category, you will see ‘uninstall a program’ or ‘add or remove programs’.

    From this list, go ahead and look through it. Make sure that everything in the list are programs you’ve elected to install and are credible.

    If you see anything like ‘savings’ or ‘coupons’ or ‘toolbar’ you may see the culprit. Simply click uninstall, and restart your computer to see if the changes have corrected the issue. Most of the time, this is more than enough to get the job done. When this does not work, there are various programs that can scan and remove adware/malware.

    I personally really like Malwarebytes, super antispyware, and Avast. All of these programs can be obtained for free for personal use, and may assist in removal of this pesky software. I wish you luck!

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    Search Protect Virus: How to Remove It 

    Search Protect is another malicious piece of software I wanted to take a minute to review and give you some options for removing.

    In this digital age, it is very easy for computers to get infected with viruses and spyware. Every website that you go on has the potential for downloading a virus to your computer, and one of the most notorious pieces of malware is known as Search Protect by Conduit. In this guide, we will explain to you exactly what Search Protect is, how it works, and how to get rid of it so that it doesn’t continue to plague your computer.


    What is Search Protect?

    Search Protect by Conduit is a piece of malware that infects your computer during the installation of a toolbar. When you see this malware the message you will see is “you do not have sufficient access to uninstall search protect” Some legitimate programs that you download will often ask you if you would like to install a specific toolbar to improve your searches or for some other reason. When you click “yes,” you could potentially be opening your computer up to infection by Search Protect. It is supposed to prevent third-party websites from accessing your searches on the internet and taking over your computer, so it sounds like it’s protecting you at the time, but it’s really not.


    How Does Search Protect Work?

    This program masquerades itself as an innocent add-on program that you need to make your newly-installed toolbar or downloaded program run safely and securely. All the while, this program is actually running background tasks to slowly but surely take over your computer. When Search Protect’s behavior is observed, it claims to be running a service to help cleanup your computer by using McAfee. It then accesses the network via a specific port in your computer and logs onto the internet while you are online. This program doesn’t protect you at all, because it automatically changes your home page to the Conduit homepage and convinces you to do your searches there. This in turn allows third parties to spy on what you search and potentially get into your computer through the back door that this program creates.This program will load and begin running from the moment you power up your PC, so the processing power of your computer will be greatly drained.


    How Do You Know if Your Computer is Infected with Search Protect?

    Search Protect by Conduit is a very sneaky program, but there will be some obvious signs that you have at least some sort of an infection in your computer. The first way to determine this is to look at the origin of your supposed new “homepage.” If all of your browsers automatically redirect to a site starting with “,” then you can safely assume that this malware is already on your computer. Of course, a second way of knowing for sure is if you get spam advertisements all the time that automatically redirect you to a third-party website with little to no input on your part. Certain processes in your computer may also no longer function correctly, and if your computer gives you an error message saying that it is unable to start a certain program, then you can be almost certain that your computer has been hijacked by some type of malware–most likely Search Protect.


    Alright, So How Do You Remove This Program?

    Fortunately, Search Protect isn’t impervious to removal efforts, if you know the proper way to remove it. Running an anti-malware or anti-virus scan may detect the program and allow you to quarantine it, but it might not remove all traces of the program. In order to ensure that Search Protect goes away and stays away, there are a few steps you need to take. First, go into your computer’s control panel and select the “Add or Remove Programs” option. Locate Search Protect by Conduit when the list of all installed programs finishes populating, and click on its name. Then click the button that says, “uninstall,” and verify that the program actually uninstalls itself from your computer. During the uninstall process, you will need to make sure that you tell it to go back to your original home page and settings.

    Here’s a video that may help as well.

    Removing Search Protect from your computer can be tricky, but when done correctly, you can remove it forever and prevent further hijacks of your computer, meaning that your personal information will be secured for a while.

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    How to Get Rid of Trovi Search 

    Welcome to our first post! I wanted to start with a bad one, a malwrae that’s been around for awhile and infected a lot of computers! Trovi!

    Trovi is a ‘potentially unwanted program’ (PUP) that is bundled with certain free software. Most people install it unknowingly on their computers and then it hijacks their browsers. After hijacking your browsers it automatically changes your homepage and default search engine. Using it as a search engine is not the best experience you can have since ‘trovi search’ has too many advertisements and the pages it finds are not also very reliable. We’re going to explain here how to get rid of trovi.

    The major reason why ends up hijacking our browsers is that we do not read ‘End User Licensing Agreement’ as we are installing many of the free software’s we download online. If you are keen enough you will be able to notice it and decline installation. Another way to prevent its installation is selecting custom installation which will disclose that other unwanted software will be installed.

    Getting rid of trovi

    Once installed the ‘uninstall program’ option will successfully remove it no matter how many time you try. It literally becomes that stubborn thorn on you foot that you can’t remove no matter how painful it is.

    No cause for alarm anyway, as there is still a number of ways to get rid of it permanently. They can be categorized broadly into two, the first one being the automatic one using and antimalware software and the other one is manual where you have to remove it from every browser individually.

    Automatic method using an Antimalware(AdwCleaner)

    There are many other antimalware that you can use but perhaps AdwCleaner is one of the more common ones. Follow the following steps.

    Download AdwCleaner to your computer. Before opening it first close all other open pages and browsers and then double click on it to open.

    Once it is open click on the ‘Scan’ button located on the right side of your screen for it to start searching for the ‘trovi search’ files on your computer.

    Once they are found click on the ‘Clean’ button which is exactly after ‘Scan’, after you do that AdwCleaner will prompt you to click ‘OK’ to save all open files. This is because it will require rebooting your machine for the clean up to be successful. To avoid losing your work click ok to save.

    When the computer reboots ‘trovi search’ will be no more.

    Manual method-Internet Explorer

    To remove ‘trovi search’ manually you will have to do it for all your browsers. Let’s take Internet Explorer as an example. Follow the following steps.

    To remove it from the homepage go to ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘Internet options’, under that select ‘General tab’ and scroll down to ‘Home page edit’. The last step is to find ‘’ and replace it with ‘’. Click on apply to effect the changes

    To remove it from add-ons select click on ‘programs’ also under ‘Internet options’ and select ‘manage add-ons’ now disable

    l The last step to get rid of it is to restore your default Internet Explorer settings.


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